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What is the installation time required?
Based on a standard installation of four flow meters on two main engines then a complete installation would be 3 days with 24 hours of downtime required to enter into the fuel lines.
Who would carry out the installation?
New build would be installed by the yard, retro fit could be a full enginei squad or one of our enginei resellers, see our list of resellers for more information.
How accurate is the system?
System accuracy is dependent on a number of variables but the flow meters have a repeatability rating of +/-0.1% Coriolis and +/-0.5% Positive Displacement.
Do meters require calibration?
PD meters recommended annually and Coriolis every 4 years.
I already have flow meters installed, can you use these?
In essence yes but we would require further information on the meters and a site survey.
Can I have a monitor in the engine control room or just on the Bridge?
We can put as many monitors in as many places as required.
Is the system tamper proof?
If fuel accountability is an issue, we have a tamper proof package but each installation is specified on a case by case basis.
How often is the data sent from ship to shore?
As frequent as 15 minutes to every 24 hours
What is the data transfer rate to the FTP site?
For simple fuel measurement -7Kb every 15 minutes or 1Mb per day.
Are there any monthly costs?
Yes, there is a monthly subscription to the online site.
What happens to the data?
It is uploaded via ship’s communication network, (typically a Satellite or GPRS mobile data connection) to a secure shore based server
How far back does the data archive go?
One years’ worth is available on the website although an archive up to 2 years can be requested.
Do I have to have the online dashboard?
No, if you do not want the data accessible through the dashboard where it is visually displayed through maps and graphs then we can send a RAW file of data to an email address or server.
Is my data secure?
Yes all data is held on our secure server which is hosted off site in a professional server farm.
What proven savings have users of enginei achieved?
We have seen anything from 4% on Tankers and up to 20% on Tugs dependent on the customer and the vessel application
What types of vessels is enginei installed on?
Tankers, Ferries, Tugs, Dredgers, Survey Vessels, Offshore vessels and Pilot Boats.