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Our general cargo and container ship system is designed with our customers in mind and we have designed a system which can help operators build and analyse fuel consumption data regardless of vessel age, fuel type and operational profile utilising existing equipment where possible in order to manage all important costs.

Low cost implementation

Enginei can be used with existing flow meters and hardware, providing dramatically reduced installation costs and time. Installation time is on average three days which can be carried out in dock or in service. Our standard system comes with Positive Displacement meters and the enhanced package with mass flow Coriolis meters.

Specialist support

Our rapid response support teams are available around the clock.

We offer technical support and technical advice for all enginei installations as well as remote system and fault monitoring.

Fleet Finance

We recognise that decisions to implement vessel and fleet fuel management is essential and yet timing and finances are critical in any decision to invest. To help, we offer tailored vessel and fleet finance options.